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Your key to Success in Pathology Exams

Histopathology post-graduate exams are difficult and require extensive preparation. It is essential to have a focussed approach and practice a LOT of exam style questions.

This educational resource is aimed at facilitating the postgraduate pathology exam (including FRCPath - UK) candidates to focus their exam revision in a smart way and pass successfully.

Our Unique Features

What do we cover?

This question bank covers a wide range of topics from general and systemic pathology, with more emphasis on later and have been designed in a format similar to an actual exam. It also includes questions aimed at molecular pathology and genomics. The details of the topics are:

Who is it for?

Exam Candidates:

It is an excellent resource for any MCQ/SBA/EMQs based histopathology (Anatomical pathology/Cellular pathology) exam, particularly FRCPath - UK.

Qualified Pathologists:

It is also useful for qualified pathologists wishing to freshen up their knowledge base and stay up-to-date.

Question Bank:

This question bank is similar to the real exam format and style. It includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs), extended matching questions (EMQs) and single best answer (SBAs). Questions follow most up to date exam format and give you descriptive questions (macroscopic and microscopic). Our questions are available in two categories.

We offer a variety of interactive online courses for FRCPath (Histopathology) Part I & 2

Registration is open for FRCPath 1 & 2 online courses.

Only limited spots are available


This is the first comprehensive 3-day online course featuring a full mock exam, interactive live discussion sessions and individual feedback for each participant. Participants will be provided with the mock exam for all the 7 components of FRCPath 2 under strict timed conditions closely simulating the real exam.


Sessions will be delivered by UK based pathologists with extensive experience of teaching for FRCPath exam.


November 28, 2021. 6:00-11:00 (London, UK time)

December 04, 2021. 8:00-13:00 (London, UK time)

December 05, 2021. 8:00-13:00 (London, UK time)

Please note that the time is in 24 Hrs clock


FRCPath 2 Histopathology FULL Mock Exam – Online from UK 


FRCPath 1 Orientation Course (Histopathology) and Practice Mock.

This course is specially tailored to meet the needs of overseas candidates. The program will include an introduction to the exam and eligibility criteria, a mock exam with a detailed discussion of answers, TIPS and more exam related talks.


December 19, 2021. 8:00-11:00 (London, UK time)

Please note that the time is in 24 Hrs clock

How to pass UK system-related questions in FRCPath 1 Histopathology, Comprehensive Online Course with Mock Exam ( combined basic and extended version including autopsy).

A comprehensive online course including basic and extended courses on UK system-related questions. Exam questions related to NHS, GMC, RCPath, Autopsy and UK system are a recognized area of difficulty for overseas candidates. This course aims to cover those topics which are unique to the UK system and you are required to be familiar with these topics and answer correctly.


This is an online taught course specifically designed for non-UK pathologists and it includes;

  • Practice mock( 60 Questions) similar to the exam format

  • A detailed discussion of answers with feedback

  • Easy to memorize summary of many exam favourite hot topics!


January 23, 2022. 8:00- 11:30 (London, UK time)

Please note that the time is in 24 Hrs clock

FRCPath 2 - Histopathology - Orientation Course ( with an overview of all the components)

This is the first online course specially designed for overseas candidates, aiming to give a comprehensive overview of FRCPath-2 examination.

 This course will be delivered by UK pathologists with FRCPath experience. It includes;

  • An introduction to the exam

  • How to apply for the exam

  • Eligibility criteria 

  • Exam format and

  • Example answers for each component ( Short surgical, Cytology, Frozen section, Long cases Macroscopic viva and OSPE written)


Expected in September, 2021

Please note that the time is in 24 Hrs clock