FRCPath 2 Histopathology FULL Mock exam – Online UK based course for FRCPath 2 aspirants

A four-day mock exam course:
Scheduled on 
Day1- December 03, 2022  06:30-11:30
Day2- December 04, 2022  06:30-10:30
Day3- December 10, 2022  06

Day4- December 11, 2022  06:00-11:00

Please note that the time is in 24 Hours clock format.

Cost/Fee Policy

Total cost £ 275/-
Initial Registration Fee £75/ 
£200/- (should be paid six weeks before the course start date)
Initial registration fee is required to reserve a spot, the remaining balance invoice will be sent 6 weeks prior to the course start date. A candidate who has not made the full payment is not eligible to attend the course.


This is the first ever complete mock exam course with interactive live discussion sessions and individual feedback for each participant. Sessions will be delivered by UK based pathologists with extensive experience of teaching for FRCPath exam.


Participants will be provided with the mock exam for all the 7 components of FRCPath 2 under strict timed conditions closely simulating the real exam.


Mock exam will include:

Cytology, Short surgical cases, Long cases, Frozen section, Macroscopic examination, OSPE 1 Viva and OSPE 2 Written.


Live sessions will include:

Exam format and tips on how to prepare with a structured study plan, Review and discussion of all mock exam answers, group performance summary, Common pitfalls in exam and how to avoid them and Tips on answer technique for exam.

Programme Highlights

Day 1 December 03, 2022

Short Surgical cases exam

Macroscopic component

OSPE written

Day 2 December 04, 2022

Cytology exam
Frozen sections

Long cases

Day 3 December 10, 2022

Short surgical cases discussion
Frozen sections discussion

OSPE viva and discussion

Day 4 December 11, 2022

Cytology cases discussion
Macroscopic component and long cases discussion.

OSPE written

Refund Policy

The initial registration fee is non refundable. For the remaining fee a refund will be issued if claimed three weeks before the course start date.

Our FRCPath related courses and educational resources are not suitable for pathologists who are actively organizing, participating or delivering FRCPath courses. We reserve the right to refuse registration anytime.

For details please see our terms and conditions.