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February 17, 2024 07:00 - 11:30 London UK Time

February 18, 2024 07:00 - 11:30 London UK Time

Please note that the time is in 24 HOURS clock

We reserve the right to close registration anytime

This masterclass offers an opportunity to learn, refine and master your examination technique and report writing skills for cytopathology component to maximize your chances of scoring well in exam.

The intensive 2-day workshop provides practical tips on how to present your answer according to UK reporting guidelines with over 100 model answers covering serous fluids, bronchial, thyroid, urine, biliary, salivary gland, lymph node, breast, pancreatic and ovarian cytology. 

Led by UK based pathologists with extensive experience of FRCPath teaching. 

Specifically designed for those who are preparing for FRCPath 2 examination, this practical session will also support practicing pathologists to learn UK reporting guidelines and feel more confident in their report writing skills in routine practice.

Please note that this is not a slide based course, the emphasis will be to equip you with essential exam technique to tailor your answer according to various clinical scenarios.

The registration fee is non refundable.Our FRCPath related courses and educational resources are not suitable for pathologists who are actively organizing, participating or delivering FRCPath courses. We reserve the right to refuse registration anytime.For details please see our terms and conditions.

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